3 Mat Pilates Exercises You Can Do at Home

Pilates exercises are a great way to get in shape. They help tone up the body, build lean muscle tissue, and improve stability and flexibility. Pilates exercises can be performed at home with Mat Pilates. Mat Pilates allows individuals to take their workouts anywhere and you don’t need a lot of space to get in a challenging and beneficial workout. Online physical training is in high demand with more people wanting to work out from home. Here are some mat Pilates exercises that you can do at home:

  1. Toe Taps. This exercise engages the core muscles to strengthen abdominal region and increase functional fitness. To perform this exercise, lay on your back on your mat. Bend your knees at ninety degrees and raise them above you so that your shins are parallel to the floor. Lower your legs, one at a time, to tap your toe to the floor and raise back up to starting position. To make it more difficult, slow down the pace and exhale as you lower your leg down to tap and inhale on your way back to starting position.
  2. Bicycle. This exercise engages more of the core muscles and includes the oblique muscles as well. To perform this exercise, lay on your back with your knees bent at ninety degrees and shins parallel to the floor. Your hands should be behind your head for support. Rotate your torso to one side while extending the opposite leg and return to starting position to begin again with the other side. For example, if you started with a torso rotation to the right side, your left leg would extend as you raise up to the twist.
  3. Plank Holds. Planks are one of the best Pilates exercises that you can do. They build core strength, tone up the abdominal region, improve posture, build lean muscle tissue, and can help reduce chronic lower back aches and pains. There are many variations that you can do in the plank hold to make the exercise easier or more challenging depending on what your personal fitness goals. Plank holds can help you train better in sports and can help aid in focus and meditation for improved mental health.

These are just a few mat Pilates exercises that you can do at home. Online personal fitness trainers with mat Pilates certification can help you build training programs for you to use at home. Tools such as a medicine exercise ball or yoga ball can be added to enhance your workout. 

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