New Certification! Triathlon Fitness Instruction

ASFA® is proud to now offer a Triathlon Fitness Instruction certification.  In an effort to keep our clientele on the cutting edge of the fitness industry, ASFA® strives to provide new specialties and areas of continuing education study for fitness professionals.

Triathlon Fitness Instruction is a great way to expand your horizons beyond more basic skill sets. A triathlon fitness specialty showcases your ability to provide instruction not only to swim/bike/run, but also, endurance nutrition, efficient transitions and much more.

Becoming a Triathlon Fitness Instructor is a great way to expand your knowledge and potential client base. The knowledge of preparation and training methods involved in triathlon fitness instruction overlap into many other specialties of fitness and athletic coaching. Now is the time to push yourself a little harder and become an ASFA® certified Triathlon Fitness Instructor!

Triathlon Fitness Instruction Certification

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