Indoor or Outdoor: Group Fitness & Bootcamp Certification

Group Fitness/Bootcamp Certification

ASFA's Group Fitness & Bootcamp Instruction Certification is a versatile, year-round opportunity.

During cooler months, Group Fitness & Bootcamp classes can be conducted indoors using the same challenging type of workout goals and getting the same great results--no training day is the same. Change it up to maximize the workouts with circuit training, obstacle courses, jumping jacks, sit-ups, core and ab work.

If you have warmer weather, you can move all the fun outside. Running Group Fitness & Bootcamp Classes are a great way to get your clients outdoors and fit, too. It's no secret that most people like being outdoors during warm weather.

So, why not learn the proper intensity, technique, hydration and other important considerations by taking your ASFA Group Fitness & Bootcamp Instruction certification online?

Group Fitness & Bootcamp certifications are in high-demand because of their versatility and motivating team-based structure. For fitness professionals it's also a great way to increase revenue by training many clients at one time.

Ready to get started as a Group Fitness & Bootcamp Instructor? Click the link below to learn more today! 

Group Fitness Certification

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