Youth Fitness – Making a Difference and Changing Lives

Becoming a youth fitness professional is a meaningful career path getting to inspire youths to lead healthy and active lives. Parents may read a health and fitness article to learn about how to incorporate more fitness into their lives.  Getting children to participate in fitness can sometimes be more challenging.  Group personal training ideas from the professionals help us add an element of fun to capture the interest of youths and provide a foundation of wellness for a lifetime of health.

Social media and gaming have been one of the big shifts in comparing generations of children to their levels of fitness and health.  These factors have made it challenging for both parents and fitness professionals to have children “unplug” from their virtual sports and participate in face-to-face sports.  Decreasing screen time and increasing outdoor time can provide a wealth of health benefits. For youths that are at risk for type two diabetes, adding fitness can help glucose levels improve and may be able to prevent diabetes in some cases. Exercising also helps to maintain a healthy BMI, or body mass index.  Maintaining a healthy weight can help boost self-esteem and may reduce the risk of being bullied at school. Exercising also helps to support a healthy metabolism and improves the quality of sleep.

Introducing youths to a new sport or experience, such as hiking, trail running, or mountain biking, can help promote a love for the outdoors in addition to improving personal fitness.  Group fitness tracking software can help collect data such as total miles hiked, location, elevation gained or loss, number of steps, and total calories burned.  This information can provide a visual reminder of their accomplishments and may introduce some friendly competition to improve those numbers next time. Group sports such as soccer and softball health teach good sportsmanship and camaraderie that can be used outside of sports and fitness when they get older.  Group sports also helps youths learn to work together as a team and collaborate on plans together for the benefit of the team. Youth fitness is a rewarding career that makes a difference and changes lives for the better.

Youth Fitness Training Certification

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