Which Type of Cardio is Right for You?

Certified personal trainers are able to help you decide which type of cardio is right for you based on your level of fitness and personal goals.  Individuals who are new to fitness often need a little more encouragement and accountability to stick with their new healthy habits until their workouts become part of their routine. Choosing a fun group class that allows them to grow at their own pace provides an opportunity for success each time. Classes such as online hip hop classes or dance fitness gives the greatest amount of creative freedoms in a high energy and fun atmosphere. There is never any pressure to keep up or perform each move perfect. The idea is to have fun and to keep moving. This concept makes it fun for all ages and fitness levels. You can keep the moves easy and low impact or you can do more advanced dance moves for a higher impact workout. The choice is yours and all choices burn calories and also builds cardio fitness.

Cardio kickboxing and weight training combination classes also provide a fun cardio routine. Cardio and weight training intervals blast calories quickly and help to increase strength and power. The cardio move might be a few minutes long followed by a minute of resistance training. That cycle continues for the duration of the class. It helps to work different muscles in different ways so the body has to adapt to utilizing multiple muscle groups at the same time.

Classic aerobics or step aerobics is a fast paced class filled with highly choreographed moves that engage the mind as well as the body. These classes are great for those that love a routine that builds off of itself. No need to feel intimidated if you have never done a step aerobics class before. The moves build off of themselves and are repeated throughout the sequences of moves. If you stick with it, you will eventually catch on and be able to keep up. If you start to feel really lost, hold a basic alternating step to keep up your heart rate until the instructor can break down the moves for you.

Water aerobics are great classes for those who need a lower impact option. These can include individuals who are recovering from injury or who are in physical therapy. Senior adults also love the low impact of these classes while being able to socialize and build fitness. The resistance from the water helps to tone up and build lean muscle.

Whichever form of cardio fitness you choose; there are benefits to all of them and a class to fit every level of fitness and age. Contact a personal trainer if you need help deciding which cardio class is best for you.

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