Water Aerobics for Seniors: Wave of the Future!

Getting in on This Popular Fitness Option for Seniors

A great area of potential business in the fitness industry is catering to seniors. This group of people are becoming increasingly conscious about their health and well-being and are turning to fitness classes to help improve their quality of life and mobility, and to combat the effects of conditions like arthritis. Aside from the potential new business this can bring, you also get a great amount of self-satisfaction knowing that you are helping seniors live healthier and more active lives. Seniors truly appreciate the specialized skills you are teaching them as a fitness professional, and the new lease of life you are helping them realize.

So how can you help seniors? A popular fitness activity for the elderly is water aerobics. This is a low-impact fitness activity that seniors can enjoy. It also provides a great workout to a wide range of muscles and joints in your body and the water resistance can help build strength. This is perfect for seniors, as this type of activity can help keep their joints supple, strengthen and tone them all at the same time. An ASFA® certification in Water Aerobics Instruction can help you offer this class to your area’s senior audience.

A Water Aerobics certification will give you the tools you need to create fun and useful water aerobics classes that seniors can enjoy. Take the qualification online in your own time and learn about how aqua aerobics is beneficial to our bodies, and techniques to use in classes. Once you are certified, you will be able to offer water aerobics classes to a senior audience and help them achieve a greater level of fitness.

Water Aerobics Certification

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