The Importance of Becoming a Sports Nutritionist

Which vitamins are water soluble?  How many calories are in gram of fat?  Vitamin B2 is better known by what name?  These are just some of the questions that fitness professionals should know.  Diet is half of the battle.  So, why are so many fitness professionals relying solely on their primary certification for nutrition knowledge?  What aren't more fitness professionals expanding their knowledge base and skill-set by becoming Sports Nutritionists?

Think about the most common request of clients.  Isn't is: I want to lose weight.  Of course it is!  So, what could be a more relevant certification for any fitness professional or personal trainer than Sports Nutritionist? The answer is obvious.  There isn't one!  So, could you answer the questions above without looking them up?  If you can, that's just a start!  If you can't, then you had better hit the books! 

Either way, if you are a fitness professional and/or personal trainer and you aren't a Sports Nutritionist, you are missing out!  So, what are you waiting for?  Study up and expand your fitness ability today!
Sports Nutritionist Certification

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