The Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is a great low-impact range of exercises that offer a thorough all over workout that can be modified for all levels of fitness. Pilates offers a range of benefits that anyone can improve their fitness with.

One benefit of Pilates is the ability to help strengthen the muscles. The resistance training can help improve bone density and help improve flexibility. The strengthened muscles can also help protect the joints and joint mobility, helping to protect the body from sports injury.

Another benefit of Pilates is building a strong core and back. The resistance helps to build sculpted abdominal muscles and back. Building a stronger back can help decrease back pains and discomfort too. Having a strong core and back can help build better posture too.

A third benefit is that Pilates is low-impact so it can be applied by all levels of fitness and is great for all ages. Pilates can even be used as physical therapy for some individuals who are recovering from injury.   It will help with mobility and to strengthen the joints.

Another benefit of Pilates is the calorie burn! The exercises utilize several muscles at once, making it more efficient at building lean muscles and burning calories. Lean muscles are great at burning calories because they continue to burn calories, even after you stop working out. The harder you work, the more calories you will burn. You can use the bands or straps to help add resistance to Pilates. The workouts are customizable to fit your individual needs and goals.

For individuals who are new to Pilates, visit a class at a studio or health club so you can learn the moves properly to maximize the benefits of Pilates and also to help prevent injury. The Pilates instructors can help you modify any exercise while in class so you can help get your daily goal in.

Pilates exercises offer many benefits ranging from increased flexibility and bone density to building lean muscle and having a strong core. Sign up to try a Pilates class today!

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