Tai Chi Fitness: Fitness At Your Own Pace

Tai Chi Fitness is a great form of gentle exercise that you can do at your own pace. Due to it’s nature of working at your own pace, Tai Chi can be performed and enjoyed by all levels of fitness and all ages from the young athlete to the active senior.

Tai Chi falls under martial arts fitness. Tai Chi is one of the best martial arts for low-impact fitness and strength. The movements are slow and controlled. It requires balance and strength to hold the positions and move through the flowing motions. Breathing is also a large part of Tai Chi fitness. Some people refer to Tai Chi fitness as meditation in motion for its focus and control. Even though it is a form of martial arts, Tai Chi is not used for sparring, fighting, or self-defense combat. It is used for focus, increased balance, and control.

Tai Chi is also loved for the stretching and improved flexibility. Instructors that have completed stretching certification or flexibility certification programs often utilize Tai Chi movements into their fitness routines. Having the improved flexibility can help you not only with other sports, but can help you perform your daily tasks better too. Tai Chi is a sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Exercise for older adults becomes a challenge as aging citizens struggle with decreased balance and muscle tone. Tai Chi is one of the best exercises for seniors. Tai Chi is a very gentle form of fitness that does not put any added stress on the joints. You get to perform the moves at your own pace so there is never pressure to keep up with the rest of the class or the instructor. It helps to improve muscle tone and build muscles in the legs. It also helps to improve balance and stability which is always a big concern for senior athletes. The breathing techniques also help with focus and control helping you to have a better sense of overall well-being.

Tai Chi is the perfect exercise for those who enjoy working out at their own pace. You can modify each move to make it work for you and your goals. It is not difficult to learn, but do not be deceived by the gentle moves as an easy workout. You will be challenged as you build strength and focus.  

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