Tai Chi and Senior Fitness--Low-Impact, Improve Balance

Senior Fitness Instruction Certification

In recent years, Tai Chi has been increasing in popularity as a key fitness method in Senior Fitness. Using static and dynamic poses and large sweeping motions, Tai Chi helps with muscle tone, breath control, body awareness, and increased balance.  

Though learning to teach Tai Chi can take years, you can incorporate several important Tai Chi concepts in your Senior Fitness training workouts. For example, emphasizing breath control during static or dynamic poses can help with concentration and leg strength. As balance is a prime consideration in Senior Fitness classes, additional concentration and muscle tone is essential.

As Tai Chi has evolved from a martial art into a fitness opportunity, learning several key movements and principles of Tai Chi can help with your path as a Senior Fitness Instructor. After all, there is a reason that Tai Chi is becoming more popular.

Consider ASFA's online certifications in Tai Chi or Senior Fitness Instruction if you are looking for low-impact options to increase your clients' flexibility, tone, body awareness, posture and balance.

To learn more about Senior Fitness Instruction and the correct methods of fitness exercise, instruction, motivational techniques and safety considerations for seniors, just click the link below! 

Senior Fitness Certification

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