Tactical Fitness – Military and First Responder Fit

Tactical fitness is a high impact fitness genre that blends bootcamp, martial arts fitness, and military training exercises for the ultimate workout that challenges both your mind and body. Tactical fitness can help improve agility, stability, stamina, and endurance, in addition to building upper and lower body strength. Fitness trainer marketing hails tactical fitness training as one of the most challenging workouts available!

Tactical fitness training uses military circuit training routines to give workouts an extra edge. Upper body routines can target middle deltoid shoulder abduction with timed cardio intervals for their endurance. A functional exercise trainer can utilize tactical fitness exercises with clients who are in the military, police, firefighter, or martial arts field to improve their precision, output, strength, and focus. Tactical fitness can be appealing for any individual that wants to challenge themselves to go beyond their physical limits to obtain extreme fitness. 

Tactical fitness training are springing up in private studios and elite gyms to market to athletes that are ready to take their workouts to the next level. Many of the popular health clubs are starting to incorporate tactical fitness into their cardio fitness classes to stay on trend with new fitness demands from clients. Getting a certification in tactical fitness will teach you how to perform a variety of fitness styles and exercises that fall under tactical fitness as well as modifications that can be used for clients who need extra assistance to perform the exercises correctly and safely. Because the flow of the classes are circuit training, each tactical fitness instructor has the freedom to use their own style of teaching to create a flow or routine of exercises. If you are interested in teaching tactical fitness, visit a couple of studios to see how trainers are creating their routines as you work through your tactical fitness certification.  You will learn quick which exercises and styles you like over others and be able to perfect and strengthen the areas you want to improve upon. Tactical fitness can build personal fitness quickly and circuit training blasts calories faster than traditional group fitness classes. Lace up your military boots and jump into tactical fitness to get in the best shape of your life!

Tactical Fitness Certification

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