Sports Nutritionist – Eating is ½ of the Battle

Exercises and personalized workout plans are only half of what it takes to get in shape.  What you eat and your daily dietary habits support and complement your workout training plan. Your nutrition makes up the other half of your fitness journey.  Nutritionist schools are available online for trainers and individuals to learn about sports nutrition that can complement their healthy lifestyle.  

Nutritionist sports trainers can help you create daily dietary intake plans to complement your fitness training so that your workouts and nutrition are balanced to meet your goals.    You may have heard the old phrase stating that you, “can’t outrun a bad diet."  This could not be truer!  If you are trying to lose weight or build fitness and only concentrate on working out without making changing to your diet, you may not see the changes you want.  A poor diet can sabotage any fitness gains you may have experienced.  The same is true when reversed.  If you eat well, but don’t workout, you won’t tone up or lean out. Nutrition and fitness need to align to see the maximum amount of growth and change.  You can combine online fitness coaching software together with an online course in nutrition to take your workouts to the next level!

You may be deciding between a dietician vs nutritionist.  A nutritionist can help you plan healthy meals that can aid in weight loss and athletic performance.  A dietician works with specific groups of individuals that have severe allergies or dietary needs that require a different level of support.  Both can help you with nutritional needs, but they usually work in different settings.  A nutritionist can work at gym or fitness facility.  A dietician may work at a doctor’s office or in the hospital to assist clients with creating new healthy habits that support their life and fitness goals.

If you feel that your personal fitness has plateaued, look into your dietary intake to see where changes can be made.  If you need substitutions or healthy alternatives, seeking the assistance of a  health coach or sports nutritionist can help you get started and back on track.

Sports Nutritionist Certification

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