Sports Nutrition For Athletes

Sports nutrition plays an important role for athletes that are training hard to reach their personal fitness goals. Sports nutrition not only varies from a healthy, balanced diet, but also varies widely between different sports and types of athletes. Each type of sport and every athlete has a unique nutritional formula for success that helps them achieve their very best.

Caloric expenditure exercise numbers vary depending on the type of sport and duration of the activity. Bodybuilders spend a lot of time working out, but they also follow high-protein diets to help support their muscle growth and to become lean. Other types of sports that focus on increasing lean muscle mass will also have a higher ratio of protein in their diets than other types of athletes.

Endurance athletes will want to consume diets with more carbs than your strength based athletes. Carbs are fuel for runners and other endurance athletes. If a runner tried to eat the bodybuilders' high-protein diet, it could increase the chance of  gastrointestinal (GI) distress while running, and they would not feel very energetic. The same is true when reversed. Bodybuilders who consume a higher carb diet cannot get the growth or leanness they are striving for during their training sessions.  

Trainers with nutrition and fitness certification can help you put both together. You will need diet plans that will support your workout and workouts that will that support your diet for maximum benefits. It will be difficult to reach your personal fitness goals if you work out all the time but consume a poor diet consisting of fatty foods. Nutrition and fitness support each other along your personal fitness journey. Trainers can often complete an online nutrition certificate to support their personal training certification. Online options help busy trainers enhance their skills and knowledge to better serve their client’s specific needs and support the wellness communities where they live.

If you want to try a new sport or experiment with your personal nutrition for better sports performance, make an appointment with a personal trainer who has a background in sports nutrition. They can help you create a training plan and diet plan that is personally created for you with your personal goals in mind. They can help take a lot of the guesswork out of nutrition to help you feel your best and perform more competitively in sports.

Being a certified Sports Nutritionist can improve your clients' health and increase your potential client base! Click on the link below to start learning about Sports Nutrition and how it affects performance!

Sports Nutrition Certification


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