Set the Pace with Running Fitness Certification: Marathon Training

Getting an ASFA Running Fitness Certification is a must for anyone who wants to coach and prepare runners for marathon training. Some runners who go into marathon training without a plan or coach could end up injured during training.

Often runners get overzealous with training and will increase their weekly mileage too much too fast or have poor form or old shoes. These are all things that can be prevented having a good coach or trainer with proper running instructor qualification. 

A qualified coach with running fitness certifications can help you properly identify what type of running plan is best for you and your personal goals. Not everybody is a one-size-fits-all when it comes to training. Many runners just want to complete the marathon distance injury free. Completion instead of competiveness is their goal. For these runners, functional training exercises to prevent injury and scheduled walk breaks for active recovery will benefit them the best. They will be able to complete the marathon distance with minimal soreness and recovery time. Many social runners will use this method as well and simply enjoy the long miles with friends.

Some runners are highly competitive and will need solid marathon training to help qualify for other races or events. These runners rely on their trainer or coach heavily to help them reach that goal safely. Running fitness certification helps trainers and coaches create drills to improve speed and agility. They are experts at speed and agility tests and can help you personalize your training to keep you injury free and help prevent muscular imbalances. They can also observe and monitor form so that you are not wasting any extra energy on poor form. Agility drills for runners are a must for improving speed and turnover of the muscles. It helps to activate the short twitch muscle fibers and creates a more powerful stride. 

Running fitness certification is great for any coach who wants to get personal trainer certification specialized in running.  You’ll learn all of the ins and outs of marathon training and can help other runners get a personal record in distance. 

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ASFA's Running Fitness Instruction Certification

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