Senior Fitness in Senior Living Facilities

Senior fitness is an important part of health for older individuals, especially for those that live in senior living facilities. A personal trainer consultation can help seniors lead more active lives by improving functional fitness that allows them to remain as independent as possible and improving overall quality of life. A personal trainer instructor that specializes in senior fitness can help make adaptations and accommodations to support physical health and fitness in older individuals.

Senior fitness is functional fitness based to help improve the quality of everyday living. One way that senior fitness is different from other fitness programs is the emphasis of resistance training to protect bone health and support the joints. The resistance training uses very light weights and even body weight resistance training that helps to support growth of lean muscle and improve stability. Improving strength and stability as part of functional fitness can significantly decrease the risk of falling.  Tools such as therapy ball chairs, exercise bands, and resistance bands are all great equipment to use with seniors and do not take up much space to store or use - making it a perfect complement to seniors who work out in their senior living facility. The benefits of a healthy lifestyle in your senior years include:  better overall health, fewer medications, and decreased risk of heart disease, better quality of sleep, and a healthy BMI (body mass index). 

Many senior living facilities have their own gym or workout room for the residents to enjoy. If your location has personal trainers on site, take advantage of personal training and learn how you can help improve personal fitness for a more independent lifestyle. Indoor pools are a great low impact way to stay in shape and do resistance training with no impact to the joints. Walking in a pool can help build cardiovascular health in addition to toning the body and supporting socializing and mental health. Aquatic fitness is a fun and high energy option for seniors wanting to have fun with their workouts. Cardio equipment such as elliptical machines also provides a low impact way to build fitness safely. Living in a senior housing facility does not negate your need for improved physical fitness. Interview a few personal trainers to see which one aligns with your personal goals and make sure they have experience working with seniors and senior fitness. Lace up and get fit with senior fitness!

Advanced Senior Fitness Certification 

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