Self-Defense Certification: Safety First

Winter is coming!  Winter is here!  With less hours of light and more hours of darkness, safety should be of utmost concern.  Not to mention that winter is the time for holiday presents and black Friday sales!  Are you aware enough of your surroundings?  Do you know the correct safety strategies to keep yourself out of harms way when you are walking to your car - at night - with expensive presents???  Even if you do, do your personal fitness clients?

ASFA® offers a Self-defense instruction certification. You can learn to teach self defense at your local fitness facility.  Self defense isn't all about state-of-mind.  It's also about being physically capable.  The fitness component of self-defense in often overlooked.  That is not the case at ASFA®!  State-of-mind and state-of-body go hand-in-hand!  Sound mind and sound body - that is what makes great self-defense! 

So, if you are looking for a fitness-based self-defense certification that really puts your in the right state of mind and body, then look no further!
Self Defense Instructor Certification

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