Running Fitness Certification: Improve Your Stride

Running Fitness Instruction Certification

Help runners improve their technique, stride, stamina and posture.

Running is one of the most practiced forms of fitness and is very popular. Running is a relatively straightforward exercise that anyone can undertake. All you need is willpower, stamina and either a path or a treadmill! Some people run for fun, some people run to keep fit and use it as a cost-effective alternative to regular gym sessions, and still others compete in marathons. Despite this fact, many people do not have a fantastic running technique and would benefit from personal instruction. While running may appear simple on the surface, there is a great deal involved such as breathing control, a correct stride and maintaining the correct posture. 

As a fitness professional, offering a personal running fitness instruction service could truly separate you from the pack! You could appeal to a huge range of customers and use this as an additional means to offer fitness classes or individual training. This certification is based online and will provide you with legitimate skills and knowledge about running as a fitness activity. You will develop your knowledge of stride patterns, breathing, posture and pace setting. Furthermore, you will know a myriad of routines and exercises that you can put to practical use when you start giving running instruction.

When you become ASFA® certified, you will then be able to offer running instruction to your customers. You can help them improve their speed, fitness, and running technique with confidence. This online certification is highly convenient and is not obtrusive to your business. You can study at home and at a pace that fits around your schedule.  

As stated previously running is a popular activity. By taking this ASFA® qualification, you are tapping into this widely practiced form of exercise. Improve your client’s run economy while improving your skill set!

Running Fitness Instruction Certification

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