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Running Economy and Gait Analysis

Running is one of the most popular methods of fitness.  But, just because it is popular doesn't mean that people do it correctly.  Some of your fitness clients might immediately say, "what's so hard about running?"  The question you should ask them is, "How many people do you know who used to run and now say they can't because of bad knees, back or hips?"  The reality of running is, like any fitness method, it can cause chronic and acute injury if done in improper form. Your clients wouldn't say that anyone can powerlift or do plyometrics without training - so, why running?  

Understanding how to optimize run economy to improve performance and perform gait analysis for safety and efficiency are essential tasks for a Running Fitness Instructor.  Something so minor as changing shoe selection can dramatically impact a runner's life over years of activity.  And, there is nothing more rewarding than knowing that you are the one who made that difference in someone's life.  

Becoming a Running Fitness Instructor is a great way to continue your fitness education and at the same time help your clients stay fit and safe!

Running Fitness Instruction Certification

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