Pool Workouts: Water Aerobics Your Way

Water Aerobics Can be Done in Your Home Pool...

Most people think that water aerobics has to be completed in a gym.  However, water aerobics can be performed almost anywhere that you can find a pool!

Some of the most basic forms of water aerobics are also some of the most overlooked. Just walking and running through water can help raise your heart rate and burn calories.  If you want to step it up a notch - try some jumping jacks. Many calisthenics can be performed while partially submerged for a great water workout!

Of course, the traditional water aerobics workouts with water dumbbells and noodles can also be employed in your pool at home.  So, whether you are looking for a more traditional water aerobics or something different - be creative!  Home pools can provide a great workout.  Water resistance provides a low-impact workout that is great for cardio conditioning and easy on the joints.  To learn more, check out our Water Aerobics Instruction Certification today!

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