Plyometrics for Speed and Agility

Plyometrics are a type of explosive exercise movements that athletes use to improve speed and agility. Athletes that use plyometrics have been enjoying these benefits and it can give them a competitive edge.

Some types of plyometric exercises include: bounding, hopping, jumping, skipping, and sprinting. These exercises improve fitness by strengthening the tissues to prevent injury. They also improve strength and power, giving your athletes the competitive-edge. In plyometrics, the body is trained to react faster to short and quick moves, thus giving you a faster reaction time. It can help with sports movements in other activities too.

Plyometrics are great alternatives to sprinting, which can also be done to improve speed. Changing up the routine gives other muscles a chance to recover as well as preventing burn out and boredom.

Since plyometrics are high-impact activities, you will want to make sure that your form is correct to prevent injury. Seeking out the help of a personal trainer, coach, or even a group fitness class are great ways to have someone check your form to make sure you are doing it correctly. Many boot camp style classes have incorporated the higher impact plyometric exercises into their classes, and has reintroduced them into mainstream workouts.

Plyometric exercises give you the opportunity to tweak the intensity to accommodate your specific needs and goals. The higher the intensity, the greater the calorie burn is. Higher impact plyometric exercises are usually done with fewer reps since the intensity is much higher compared to regular exercises.

Plyometrics are explosive, high intensity moves that everyone can benefit from. Be sure to use good form. Don’t be afraid to tweak the exercises into your own personal fitness goals. Bootcamp or other group exercise class can be a great way to get extra help on your form and also to share that accountability with someone else.  To learn more about Plyometrics and Speed & Agility Instruction, just click the link below!

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