Plyometrics Certification – Get Ready for Speed & Agility Training!

Plyometrics training or High-Intensity Training (HIIT) is a type of high-impact exercise that includes jumping to help strengthen both the muscles and tendons in your body. Strengthening your muscles and tendons will help to increase the explosiveness and power of your workouts. You will notice over time that consistent plyometric workouts will improve your body’s ability to produce force and power quickly, giving competitive athletes an advantage over the competition.   

Becoming a personal trainer or a sport specific athletic coach can help you assist individuals in reaching their full fitness potential. Plyometrics certification or HIIT is a specialty fitness certification that enhances your current personal trainer certification. Plyometric exercises are used in a variety of sports and training programs to help blast fat and calories and to help improve overall personal fitness and agility.   

Runners are one of the types of athletes that use plyometric exercises to help improve their speed and agility. Education fitness specific training for runners will add in plyometric programs at least twice a week to help add speed for race day. Plyometric exercises, when performed regularly, will activate and strengthen the fast twitch muscle fibers in the legs. The fast twitch muscle fibers help improve and alter your gait to a bigger stride, which naturally speeds up your pace and improves your running form. Running with better form uses less energy than running with bad form and allows you to train more efficiently and be more competitive on race day. Some runners are able to take 30 seconds to an entire minute off their pace per mile times when plyometric exercises are done on a regular basis!

Caution should be used with plyometric exercises so that you don’t get injured. Plyometric exercises should not be performed more than twice a week if you are new to them or prone to injury.  Due to the high-impact and high-powered movements of plyometric exercises, the risk for sports injury also increases. When plyometric programs are added a couple of times a week to help strengthen and balance a current program, you are able to limit the risk of injury. Your personal trainer will be able to watch your exercises to make sure they are being performed correctly and safely. 

Exercise certificates, such as plyometrics or HIIT certification, can help make you a better athlete and a better trainer. Trainer work does not end after completion of a fitness certification. Personal trainers and sport specific coaches are constantly learning and adapting to give each of their clients the individualized training they need for them to reach their personal fitness goals. 

Take your competition up a notch and torch the maximum amount of calories with a certificate in plyometrics certification or HIIT. 

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