Plan a Fitness Themed Vacation!

Fitness plans do not have to go on hold when your family wants to take a vacation. Use the opportunity to plan a fitness themed vacation and bring your fitness goals with you! Working out in a new location can help prevent burn out and stimulate the mind for better focus. Fitness is always a healthy way to deal with stress and many hotels are going out of their way to make sure you are able to include fitness into your relaxing stay with them.

Look into Pilates exercises free programs. Many Pilates certificate courses offer free mini courses that can be used anywhere. These free courses are perfect for traveling and perfect for time management while on vacation and having to split your time between different activities or projects. Completing multiple smaller workouts can help you get your full workout in for the day and tighten stomach muscles and core without having to take away from family time.  

Pick a marathon in an exotic location. Runners unite all over the world to run beautiful marathon courses and to get a highly coveted marathon medal at the finish line. Pick a fun marathon in Florida or California and take your family with you for fun and fitness! Having many family options available will allow your family to enjoy their vacation while you are finishing up your marathon and then you can all celebrate together afterwards with a fun meal in a new location.

Try a new activity together like hiking or mountain climbing and plan your next vacation at a trail or mountain that you would like to explore. You will be able to create memories, strengthen family bonds and friendships, as well as increasing your personal fitness and stamina. Teach the kids to use a compass and let them plan your route! Positive fitness quotes help build excitement for families as they plan their vacations.

Take advantage of personal training companies that have partnerships with local hotels. Many of them have added group running sessions for runners who are visiting from out of town and want a running partner for accountability and safety. Some hotels offer personal training to their guests as well to help them maintain their fitness and improve their current health while they are away from home. Vacation doesn’t have to damper your fitness plans. Plan your vacation with fitness in mind and enjoy the best of both worlds!

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