Personal Training vs. Group Training

Personal training and group training are both great ways to get in shape, stay motivated and stay accountable for getting your workouts in. There are some differences between the two and both can provide benefits to your personal fitness goals.

Both types of trainers have completed their personal fitness trainer requirements. Group trainers have additional gym trainer certification and training that helps them create a better flow and sequence to group fitness classes. Both can complete their personal training courses online with ASFA.

Personal training is perfect for individuals who want that one-on-one training that is personalized just for them. You may have a specific goal that is uniquely yours. You may have a specific disability or injury that requires extra care and modifications. You might be completely new to exercise and need help getting started. All of these scenarios are things that a personal trainer can help you with. 

Group training can be done in a large group or class. The instructor has a session or class that is created for the general public so multiple people can enjoy, regardless of their current fitness level and age. They are trained to show a few modifications if needed, but they cannot do that for each person that comes to class. During the class, the participant does what they can. If you can keep up, that is great. If you need rest breaks, that is perfectly okay, too. The purpose of group training classes is to get you on your feet and be active. Many individuals will participate in group training or classes for the social aspect of it. It is fun to work out with friends and be around like minded people working to better their personal fitness. Group training and classes can give you an opportunity to try something new like a fitness kickbox cardio class.  

Since both types of training provide benefits to your personal fitness goals, many individuals will engage in both types of training. They will do group training or classes for fun with friends and to connect with others and they will use personal training for specific areas of growth on their fitness plan. If you are wanting to make a change to your own personal fitness routine, look into personal training and group training to see how you can benefit from each of these.  

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