Personal Training Specialties for Golfers

Avid golfers often seek out top personal trainers to help them with sport specific exercises to help them become better and stronger golfers. The trainer business of sport specific coaching has gained a lot of popularity in recent years as individuals use sports as part of a healthy balance between home and work life. Athletic hobbies can help individuals lower stress and cortisol levels in the body, improve focus and attention, and improve self-esteem and confidence. Golfing is a great low-impact exercise that can be both fun and challenging for all age groups and fitness levels.  

Personal training specialties for golfers include building and improving core strength to help tighten abdominal muscles. Improved core strength can help with rotational flexibility allowing for better posture, swing, and form. It is necessary to have proper form in any sport to prevent sports related injuries and muscular imbalances. Top online fitness programs have recognized the need for sports specific training and have branched out with specialty certifications in specific sports such as golf fitness. Corrective exercises can be learned and taught to help improve balance and stability for any golfer as well as making their swing more powerful. The core ball, or exercise ball, can also be used to build functional fitness and core strength. Other exercise equipment such as a resistance band, medicine ball, and suspension training can help improve golf specific functional fitness as well.

Golf fitness exercises can be performed at home and do not take extensive training time. If you are new to fitness or are unsure on how to perform a specific exercise or how to use a specific piece of exercise equipment, reach out to your local gym, health club or golf instructor. Many of their trainers work with clients outside of the gym as well and can assist you with private personal training classes specifically for golfers.  If you are able to go to a gym, many health clubs have personal training specials or discounts available for specific training plans. 

Group training is also another option that is less expensive and a fun way to meet others working toward similar fitness goals. Your training partners provide you with accountability and motivation in an upbeat atmosphere. Having a personal trainer demonstrate exercises and watch your form as you perform them can be beneficial in the long term knowing that you are doing the exercises correctly, receiving the maximum benefit from them, and decreasing your risk of sports injury.  

If you love to play golf consider personal training specialties for golfers to help others power up their games and give them more of a competitive edge. Check out ASFA’s Golf Fitness Instructor Certification today!



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