Personal Training or Group Fitness: Which Works Better For You?

Personal training and group fitness classes are both great ways to get involved with the health and fitness communities and improve your own personal fitness. Deciding which one is best for you varies for each person and what their personal goals are. Both have benefits that are unique to each other.

Working with a personal trainer gives you one-on-one attention and provides a workout plan that is tailored to you. You have the ability to choose an instructor that has the personal trainer qualities that you desire. Your personal trainer can work in a gym or be a fitness home trainer. You hired them to be there for you and to hold you accountable for your workouts. This gives you the greatest flexibility on meeting times and locations.  You also only pay for the sessions that you want. A professional trainer has completed course work on human body biomechanics to truly give you that personalized trainer manual to success. 

Group fitness classes provide a more social like environment. You can still get a serious workout in, but many fitness enthusiasts enjoy the comradery and social aspect of sharing a workout and common goals. With only one lead instructor, an exercise lesson plan is designed for the main masses and taught one way. Your instructor may be able to show a few modifications for those who need it, but generally the class must continue on for the rest of the participants. This can sometimes be frustrating for newer class attendees who are still learning the flow of the class and terminology of the movements. Group fitness classes are usually held in a health club or studio. Some group classes are performed outside, like Boot Camp. They have set days and times. Fees are often monthly, regardless of how many classes you attend. It can be a very cost effective way to get a workout in if you go often.  If you are constantly struggling to make it to class, a personal trainer would be a better option giving you that greater flexibility with time restraints.

Personal training and group fitness classes can both be part of your healthy lifestyle. Identifying what you want for your fitness goals will help you choose which method is best for achieving success.  

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