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Influence the lives and quality of life of hundreds of individuals!

Are you looking for a career path that gives you the unique opportunity to help a wide range of people daily? Do you want to improve the quality of life and fitness of hundreds of individuals? Do you enjoy keeping fit? If you answer "yes" to these questions, a career in Personal Training could be just what you need. This career path will give you immense job satisfaction, and you will make a genuine difference to the lives of many people.

So how do you gain a foothold into this industry? What can you do to gain the knowledge and skills you require to become a competent personal trainer? One sure fire way to do this is to gain a personal training certification. This will give you the basics you need to enter the industry and the information you need to develop a useful and challenging program for your new clients. Although the initial months may be difficult, a certification will give you a solid grounding and should allow you to bring in those vital first clients. Once you have that initial clients, you can expand and look to improve your service and refine your classes etc. A great way to refine and refresh you knowledge is through ASFA®. Whether you want to refresh you knowledge with an ASFA® personal training certification or specialize further, we are your one-stop shop!

ASFA® offers online certifications in an easy to understand and straightforward format. These qualifications can be taken online providing you have an internet connection and offer a wide range of basics skills and knowledge that you can use to formulate your personal training service. Why not expand your career as a fitness instructor today? Whether you are brushing-up on the basics or pursuing a Master Personal Training certification – we have what you need!

Personal Training Certification

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