Personal Training Certification: Career Change

Getting a physical trainer certification is the first step to a career change in the fitness industry. You may wonder what education is needed to be a personal trainer. It’s much easier than you think. With motivation and passion, you can get there in less than one year. There are many different personal fitness certifications programs available.

Some classes are done entirely online and can be completed in the convenience of your home and with whatever spare time you have to commit to your studies. Other classes are taught in person in a traditional classroom style setting. Depending on what type of certification you want to acquire, that will dictate the type of training that is best for you. In addition to receiving your physical trainer license, you will be required to obtain a CPR/AED certification as well. The CPR/AED certifications are also offered in a hands-on class or online. Once you have your certifications complete, you are ready for your career change!

Many trainers will go into a specialty of choice to further advance their own knowledge and level of training or to go into a specific field within the fitness industry. Specializing in a specific field will require additional certifications, many which can be completed online and worked on while working as a trainer.

If you plan to work with seniors, you will want to have a balance certificate and also a stability certification. These programs help you with daily exercises for seniors to help improve their functional fitness levels and prevent falls and injury. It will also help you learn the best aerobic exercise for seniors to help keep their mind fit and improve coordination.

If you want to teach yoga and meditation, you will need to go through yoga instructor training. You will learn how to train yoga, yoga styles, and yoga for athletes. All have different needs and different goals to help them benefit their lives and their sports.

Dance cardio classes have also gained popularity in recent years. Deciding what you want to specialize in will help you decide which certifications you need. You certainly don’t need one from every program to be successful in the fitness industry. Obtaining more than one certification can open opportunity for trainers who want to do more than general training. The opportunities are endless for the trainer who is passionate and motivated to improve the lives of others and have a positive influence on society.

Personal Training Certification

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