Personal Trainer Salary: What is Your Earning Potential?

A certified personal trainer's salary varies with the type of training that he/she does and also which personal trainer certification they have. Personal trainers have a great amount of flexibility with their careers and can work as little or as many hours as they want. They are able to teach as few or as many classes as they want. They are able to get paid based on the number of hours or classes they teach, or can be a full time salaried employee. Some trainers work as coaches on the side as well. The earning potential varies greatly with what you decide to do with your certification.

Trainers will often study and complete additional personal trainer certification program courses to give them the newest education in the fitness industry. The more training you have, the more niches you will be able to fill within a health club or studio when seeking employment. The more responsibilities you are able to handle, the more income you will have the opportunity to earn. Some clients have very specific health concerns that need to be addressed differently than a basic trainer is capable to doing. Being a higher demand trainer with additional certifications helps you to beat out other trainers and competition when competing for a job placement in the field.

Personal trainers make on average between $40,000 - $70,000 per year. Consideration factors of these numbers depended on type of certifications the trainers had, number of years’ experience, and location of where the trainers worked.  Cost of living also affects the salary of a personal trainer.

Trainers can join an association of personal trainers to help members who have passed the personal trainer test connect with other trainers and health clubs to network and assist each other when seeking employment. This can also be resourceful for trainers that want to shift from one fitness field to another as they obtain additional certifications.

The earning potential for a personal trainer is significant if you are willing to put in the work. Trainers often work unique hours as they are limited to when their clients are available to meet or to meet the demands of peak gym hours in a health club. Many trainers will do additional online coaching or side jobs to increase their salary potential. The salary of a trainer is as unique as each trainer is within their field. Be passionate about what you do and market yourself within your field. The jobs are there if you are willing to work hard for them.

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