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Senior Fitness Certification

How can you help this demographic and develop your own fitness career and personal education?

There are certain areas of fitness that are not as well attended too or catered for. One of these areas is senior fitness training. This is a very in-demand area of fitness and there are many seniors who would benefit from personal instruction. Why would seniors and older adults benefit from exercise? As we grow older, we cannot maintain the same level of fitness or activity. Unfortunately, our bodies deteriorate and our muscles can become weaker. To counter this, however, it is proven that regular exercise (even if it is low-impact and for short periods of time) can be very beneficial. Seniors who participate in exercise programs enjoy a greater quality of life and should be able to stay active for many more years. 

To help seniors and to make a difference, as a personal fitness instructor you should consider an ASFA® certification in Senior Fitness Training. To continue your education and to give real benefits to seniors, this certification is the perfect addition to your fitness career. This qualification is based completely online and the study material and test are straightforward but engaging. During your studies, you will learn different methods of exercise that are suitable for seniors.

Furthermore, you will come to understand their limitations, and how to help them without causing too much strain on their bodies. Once you have earned your Senior Fitness Instruction qualification, you should be able to help seniors and create positive, safe and exhilarating exercise classes to improve their health!

Senior Fitness Certification

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