Online Dance & Hip-hop Aerobics Instructor Certification

Take to the floor and learn how to become a hip-hop dance instructor with ASFA®!  

Dance is a fantastic form of fitness. During dance classes, you will use nearly every muscle and joint in your body. The moves and actions you perform will give your whole body a thorough workout. You will learn great control over your movements, and you will become extremely flexible and nimble. Dance really is one of the most enjoyable and worthwhile fitness classes to engage in. If you love to dance, or if you want to give it a go, then you should take the plunge and take to the floor! Alternatively, if you are already a fitness professional looking for a new career path or to expand opportunities to teach, why not consider becoming a Dance Fitness & Hip-hop Aerobics Instructor? Once certified, you can teach dance classes and enjoy doing something you love daily, what could be better? One certain area of dance that is highly enjoyable, engaging and fun is hip-hop dance.

Hip-hop is a genre of dance that has evolved from the 1970's. This type of dance has developed from hip-hop culture and rap music, but has evolved and stands as an influential type of dance. TV shows like "Soul Train", and films like "Beat Street" helped popularize the genre and bring it into the commercial limelight. This distinctive style of dance now has a huge following and many people enjoy learning hip-hop dance in their spare time and as a form of exercise. Becoming an ASFA® certified Dance Fitness & Hip-hop Aerobics Instructor will mean that you can learn this fantastic dance style and appeal to a wide range of clients. There are many clients who will jump at the chance to join your classes and will be simply thrilled at the moves you can teach them.

This combined Dance Fitness and Hip-hop certification is the way forward if you love to dance, and can envision yourself teaching classes or one-on-one lessons. Take to the floor, and become Dance Fitness & Hip-hop certified!

Dance/Hip-Hop Aerobics Certification
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