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For those who love dance and fitness, the perfect career path could be as a fitness dance instructor. This role in the fitness industry can combine what you love and allow you to teach the art of dance on a daily basis to a group of people who share your passion and drive for this challenging activity. As a dance fitness instructor, you can really exercise your creative talents and teach a variety of different dance styles. Maybe you love urban music and want to teach hip-hop dance? Maybe you prefer the delicate form of ballet or ballroom dancing? Or maybe you enjoy lively dances like Salsa? The choice is yours as your own boss! You could even teach different types of dance on different days to add variety to your role.

If you are looking for an entry into this area of the fitness industry, an ASFA® certification in dance/hip-hop fitness instruction is a great way to start. The American Sports and Fitness Association® has certified many thousands of fitness professionals throughout the United States and internationally. Our certifications are based entirely online; therefore, you can study at home, and do not have to worry about traveling to a test center. Furthermore, you can study in your own time, and take the final examination when you are ready. During your studies, you will learn about the art of dance, and how it can be used as a fitness activity. You will also learn how dance can help build your strength and flexibility.

With this wealth of useful information and practical skills, you will be able to start your own fitness dance classes and improve your career as a fitness instructor. Your ASFA® certification will give you a great starting reputation and the tools you need to succeed! What are you waiting for? Start your certification today!

Dance/Hip-Hop Aerobics Certification

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