Master Personal Training - Be Your Personal Best

Personal training certifications are taken up a level when you decide to be a master personal trainer. A fitness trainer certification for a master level personal trainer has further educational and training requirements from the traditional personal trainer certification requirements.

A master level trainer has more in-depth knowledge of not just which exercise to perform, but also the biomechanics background on how to perform that movement correctly. A master level trainer also has a greater knowledge on how to work with individuals who have special needs for their goals. People who are new to exercise, returning from injury, or have received a doctors approval to work out while in physical therapy have different needs than what a traditional personal trainer can provide. A master level trainer is trained to create modifications to an exercise if needed. They also are more familiar with many other types of exercises to work the same muscle to build a better custom fitness plan to help people reach their goals.

A master level trainer has the knowledge to work with a broader range of individuals. Some might work with women focusing on women’s health and women’s fitness workouts. Women can require special needs during different years of their life. A master level trainer can help women get fit before pregnancy; can help modify movements to stay active and healthy during pregnancy, and also to regain fitness and confidence after pregnancy. Women’s fitness needs continue to change as we age. Balance, stability, and bone health shifts to the main fitness goal for women as we get older, helping to keep them independent and injury free.

Master level trainers are able to shift between different environments too with their extra training. In addition to a gym or private studio, many will choose to work in a doctor’s office or work with patients in physical therapy. They are able to help older individuals stay fall-proof and build strength to overcome an imbalance. They are also able to help with fitness training nutrition, ensuring you are getting what you need with your training for better overall health. Master level trainers have a better foundation of muscular and skeletal health in addition to some nutrition.

Some master level trainers will take a holistic approach to health and will incorporate basic yoga and yoga studies into their fitness plans and training for a better well rounded approach to overall health. Obtaining a master level training certificate allows you to be your personal best.

Master Personal Trainer Certification

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