Master CPT Course – Are You Ready?

So, you are a Personal Trainer. You have passed the basic bar to entry in the fitness industry.  What next? What qualification says to your clients that basic just isn't good enough!  The answer is obvious, Master Personal Trainer. Many personal trainers start work right away after obtaining their personal training certification.  And, all to often, their knowledge starts to fade as they spend more and more time working.  Although their experiential knowledge expands by training clients, their academic knowledge sometimes gets brushed aside.  This happens so much that personal trainers get so busy that they forget to even renew there basic personal training certification.  

So, whether you are fresh from your college degree or primary personal training certification, or have been practicing in the field for a long time and need to get back into the academic side of training - a Master level Personal Training Certification is right for you!  Nothing says that you have honed your craft and are on top of your field like being a Master level Personal Trainer.  So, what are you waiting for?  With risk-free testing, what do you have to lose?

Do you have what it takes to get your Master CPT certification?
Master Personal Training Certification

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