Martial Arts Fitness - Let's Mix It Up!

Martial arts fitness certification requires knowledge of different combinations of martial arts styles that are incorporated into a fitness style class. These classes are taught by drilling combinations of moves for maximum calorie and fat burn. The different styles also enable the fitness instructor to mix the routine up often keeping the class fun while eliminating boredom.

Martial arts fitness classes blend agility, mobility, strength training, and cardiovascular conditioning together. This combination of functional movements has also been associated with improved flexibility and gross motor control.

Martial arts fitness classes can use moves from Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Taekwondo, and Mixed Martial Arts. Each style is little different, yet all of them contribute to the moves used in martial arts fitness classes. Muay Thai focuses on using elbows and knees. There are no fancy techniques or choreographed moves to learn in this style. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is more physically demanding with throws and limb manipulations to control the opponent. Wrestling uses physical strength to control the opponent as well, but does not use punching or kicking. Taekwondo focuses on speed and agility with a heavy emphasis on the larger leg muscles and kicking. Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, blend a combination from many other styles of martial arts together.

Martial arts fitness classes are high energy and give individuals a fun introduction to martial arts without having to actually spar on a mat or worry about getting injured. The moves can all be modified to be very challenging or to be made easier for beginner classes. Regardless of what level you participate in, you are guaranteed to burn calories and lose fat! Martial arts fitness classes can also help improve confidence and self-esteem.

Get your ASFA certification in martial arts fitness and mix up your regular routine with fresh new moves in a fun atmosphere. You’ll improve functional movements and help others with cardiovascular fitness as well as improving their confidence and yours!

Martial Arts Fitness Instructor Certification

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