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Kettlebells have been used in some form or other since the 18th century. The original concept and design were created in Russia and Kettlebells were used primarily for weighing crops. When farmers carried the bells, it was noted how they helped improve their strength. As the popularity of the kettlebell grew, so did its use, and in the early 20th century the Russian military used them for training and conditioning. Furthermore, it was used in sports competitions and as a prop for strongmen in circuses.

Now, the Kettlebell is used primarily in a fitness capacity. The bell is used during different exercises and adds pressure and resistance to help build up muscle strength. It is particularly efficient at improving the strength in your legs, shoulders and lower back. It also can help to improve your grip. There are different moves associated with the Kettlebell that is used to train certain body parts such as the clean and jerk, snatch, and the split-lunge press. Due to their nature of their movement and shape, kettlebells are a great way to develop functional fitness.

 It is clear that the Kettlebell is an extremely popular and important piece of fitness equipment. Therefore, taking an ASFA® certification in Kettlebell instruction could be a great way to expand your fitness career. This ASFA® certification is based online and consequently is convenient for the busy fitness professional. If you want to get involved in a time-tested fitness activity, Kettlebell training is the way forward. It really is a great activity to learn to make a difference in your client’s lives.

Kettlebell Certification

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