Kettlebell Certification: Challenge Yourself

Kettlebell conditioning is a great way to get an overall strengthening workout with extra emphasis on the core. A kettlebell certification gives you the skills and knowledge you need to be able to use the kettlebells correctly and challenge yourself with specific moves to build strength, power, and to build lean muscle. Form is very important, not only to prevent injury to the joints, but also to get the maximum benefit from your workout. Kettlebells are extremely effective when coached properly.

Kettlebell movement uses a swing like motion rather than a lift. When doing the motion properly, the power of the swing comes from the hips. This helps to alleviate back problems that are often associated with the improper use of heavy dumbbells. It also builds power and stamina while increasing your heart rate. Kettlebells cardio routines provide an excellent workout for burning calories and increasing cardio fitness. This is another way that kettlebell workouts differ from dumbbells. The lifting of dumbbells provides more of an anaerobic workout and does not strengthen the heart or build stamina as much as the more aerobic style kettlebell workouts. Kettlebell vs. dumbbell comparisons continue in the fitness industry, the question is - why not just learn to use both and incorporate the what works best for you for each exercise??

The basis of kettlebell exercise is the swing. Although the swing looks simple to do, it is the most powerful move with the kettlebell and uses the full body for power. It is often performed with improper form which will limit your results from this popular move. Having a good trainer with a kettlebell certification can ensure that you are performing this move correctly. The swing is the foundation for kettlebell exercises and should be perfected with proper form before continuing on to other moves.

Other popular moves using the kettlebell are the squat, the press, and the snatch. These moves require a lot of power not only from the legs, but also from the core and arms as well. The extra resistance and power make kettlebell a great full body workout choice. With double duty as both strength and cardio, you do not need to work out as long to get a great workout. Quality becomes better than quantity at this point.

Kettlebell technique can be perfected with help from a fitness trainer with kettlebell certification. Proper form leads to explosive workouts with maximum benefits. Strength, stamina, endurance, and functional training all improve from performing the unique kettlebell exercises.

Be the best version of yourself and stay challenged by getting certified with ASFA's kettlebell instructor certification!

Become a Certified Kettlebell Instructor

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