Join Our Fitness Affiliate Program & Earn $ from Referrals

Are you active in the personal fitness training business and love sharing your enthusiasm for fitness and health with others? If you are, joining our fitness affiliate program entitles you to earn a percentage of sales for something you already do! Personal fitness trainer education is just a click away and with a variety of fitness and health courses to choose from, there is no reason to not start today! Affiliate members can earn a percentage of sales and a 5% base commission from every referral you send to ASFA. The gift of fitness and health is priceless and promoting the affiliate program helps promote fitness and wellness in your communities. 

Finding referrals can be easier than you think. Anyone interested in personal trainer careers are a great place to start. With courses being online, the programs are perfect for those who have a busy schedule with little flexibility in time management. Online courses also make it easy for individuals who are considering a career change or those just wanting to learn more for their own personal health. The programs are completed entirely online with online support as needed.  After you complete a certification course, you’ll have online access to your certification card as well. A personal instructor would also be a great candidate for a referral and would allow them to continue their education and learn new techniques and skills to help them in their field. Personal training certification classes are a great resource to those who work in the fitness and health industry and help them stay on top of current trends in fitness to benefit their clients.

Affiliate Programs can also be great for those who enjoy the marketing side of fitness and building professional relationships with your local gyms and fitness facilities. Getting paid to network within the fitness industry can be exciting and making referrals from those professional relationships can help the trainers with their own personal training marketing by building up their resume with additional qualifications and sets of skills. Everyone can benefit from the fitness affiliate program. Join today and earn money while you help others reconnect with fitness and create healthy lifestyles. 

Join our Affiliate Program

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