Interval Training For Speed

Incorporating interval training into your workouts can help increase speed for athletes and endurance sports. Fitness trainers and coaches will both use interval training to keep personal training clients challenged and competitive for their individual sports. Knowledge of interval training for speed can help personal trainers and sport specific coaches provide more services and in turn get more fitness clients. There is also personal trainers software that can help coaches and trainers with interval training programs when building fitness schedules and routines for clients.

Interval training for speed includes a short-timed sprint or high-intensity exercise followed by a longer-timed recovery period. For runners, this could mean a fast sprint for one minute followed by two minutes of easy jogging or power walking. Players of soccer, football, basketball, and baseball can all benefit from these types of interval training for speed. Interval training for speed can help them not only get faster, but also can help improve their agility, stamina, and endurance.  

Interval training for speed is important to look at for personal training business ideas, especially for trainers who work with athletes and/or coach other athletes. Speed training needs to be monitored by your sports trainer or personal fitness trainer. Doing too much too soon or not having enough rest time between workouts can significantly increase your chances of getting a sports related injury. Sometimes the problem is an increase of speed or mileage too quickly. That problem is common for newer runners or athletes who feel great and want to push harder.  Speed and distance need to be respected. Bad form could also be a culprit for sports related injuries during interval training for speed. Having a personal trainer or sports specific coach watch your form can be helpful. They can make sure you are performing the movements and exercises safely and correctly. Being mindful of form and following a training schedule, even if you feel like doing more, can help you get stronger, faster and keep you injury free.  

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