Indoor Cycling – Lean Up!

Finding the right training program for weight loss can be challenging for many since all of us have different strengths and like different styles of exercises.  Indoor cycling is a fun group fitness class that can help you burn calories and lean up.  Weight loss fitness training can be combined with an indoor cycling program to maximize your calorie burn and improve muscle tone.  Indoor cycling bikes give you a lot of options to make the workouts easier or harder depending on your personal fitness goals and personal preferences.  Wellness articles encourage indoor cycling for its high energy, endurance building, and calorie blasting workouts. 

Indoor cycling bikes have different controls and tools to help you get the maximum benefits from your workouts.  The seat and handlebars are both adjustable to comfortably fit your frame and height.  If you are new to indoor cycling or are unfamiliar with the make and/or model of indoor fitness bike, arrive to class a few minutes early so that the instructor can help get you set up and assist with adjustments.  Proper alignment is important to prevent joint discomfort and pain.  After your indoor fitness bike is properly adjusted, the exercise routine will take through a variety of cycling exercises including uphill, downhill, and speed drills that can be beneficial for speed, agility, and quickness.  There are knobs or switches on the front top portion of the bike that adds resistance to make the workouts easier or harder.  The higher the resistance, the harder the workout will be.  Higher resistance mimics uphill cycling and participants will often stand up in the pedals to activate leg muscles get more power and momentum from their legs.  Lower resistance mimics downhill or flat and fast speed drills.  The typical indoor cycling class uses a good variety of multiple climbs, downhills, and speed work to keep participants engaged and to continually challenge the body and mind to work hard and push past your personal limits. 

Indoor cycling is popular for safety reasons as well.  You don’t have to worry about sharing the road with cars.  You don’t have to worry about falling off a bike or getting hit by any vehicle.  The atmosphere is fun and strategically uses music to help keep the beat and rhythm of the cycling patterns.  The instructors should be encouraging and you can enjoy your workouts while getting lean and building personal fitness and sports conditioning.

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