How To Become A Pilates Instructor

Pilates instructor certification is very similar to obtaining your personal training certification. You will have Pilates training courses and Pilates instructor classes to complete. After you have completed your course work, you will be eligible to take the certification exam. A passing grade on the certification exam makes you a certified Pilates instructor!

There are different types of courses you can take on your fitness journey of becoming a Pilates instructor. If you are already a certified personal trainer, you can take some continuing education courses online that are specific to Pilates fitness training so that you are familiar with the movements and flow of Pilates exercises. Many health clubs will allow you to teach a Pilates class with a personal training certificate or group fitness certification. Having a certification in Pilates instruction allows you the greatest opportunity for career growth as a Pilates instructor. 

If you are new to the fitness and health industry and do not currently have any fitness certifications, you will be starting your education with a basic personal training or physical trainer program. From there, you can add on online specialty certificates in an area of specific interest that you want to specialize in. Pilates certification is one of those specialty certifications that can help you build your fitness career in health and fitness instruction. 

There are different styles of Pilates. There is Pilates mat certification which teaches how to do Pilates exercises on the floor using a mat instead of a Pilates exercise machine. Mat Pilates uses props such as posture balls to add in balance and stability training. Pilates performed on an exercise machine changes the exercises up to build lean muscle and core strength. Going through the Pilates certification courses helps you to recognize the differences in styles and instruction of the two Pilates styles. 

Becoming a Pilates instructor can be a rewarding experience as you help individuals work toward a healthier lifestyle. Pilates helps to increase flexibility, stability, and improves muscle tone. Pilates is a low-impact workout that all ages can do and all fitness levels can participate in. Future Pilates instructors go through similar training and education as certified personal trainers. Many continue their education to include a specialty certification in Pilates instruction. 

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