Hip-hop Fitness Certified!

Certifications to become a dance fitness instructor have become easier to obtain as the popularity of dance fitness continues to grow throughout health clubs and studios across the United States. Hip hop aerobics instructor skills are in high demand and obtaining a certification in hip hop fitness is the first step to learning the necessary skills to succeed as an instructor.

Dance certification online courses make it convenient for a fitness trainer to extend their level of fitness expertise. Hip hop instructor training will teach you how the moves are performed and different variations of the moves so that you can make the class more challenging if needed or elementary for new or beginner students. Learning the different variations will also help you teach modifications to the moves for any clients who cannot perform the exact movement in correct form. Some clients are simply new to dance or struggle with coordination. These are the clients who will benefit from those modifications the most as they are learning the dance moves and the routines and sequence of steps.

Getting certified will also help you learn to create and design your hip hop dance workout. Coordinating steps and moves together with your music can be fun and allows for a lot of creativity. Keeping your routine easy to follow, yet fun, will keep your clients happy and will help to retain enrollments and memberships in your health club or studio. You will learn to help design a class for your audience. Whether you teach younger age groups in a private studio or a mixture of ages in a health club setting, hip hop fitness is something that all age groups and levels can participate in and benefit from.

Clients love the high energy and fun atmosphere of hip hop fitness. There are more dance steps and more creative ways to express yourself when compared to the older traditional aerobics classes. All steps can be broken down into simple moves so never let your clients feel intimidated by the more advanced steps. The important thing is to have fun and to keep moving to achieve greater cardiovascular fitness.  

Get your ASFA hip hop fitness certification today and dance your way to better health and fitness!

Hip-hop Aerobics Certification


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