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Fitness is important to maintain proper heart health. The heart is a muscle. Just like all of the other muscles in our body, the heart needs exercise to stay fit and strong. Having an active and fit lifestyle will ensure proper health for your heart and years of good health.

Aerobic exercise, or cardio fitness, is the best type of exercise for your heart. Aerobic activities include running, jogging, biking, walking, and elliptical trainer. Aerobic fitness elevates the heart rate to build cardiovascular health. You don’t have to go crazy with aerobic exercise to increase cardiovascular fitness. You want to do enough to raise your heart rate, but you should still be at conversational pace. This means you should be able to maintain a conversation with someone while working out.

Trying a fitness class at your local health club or studio is a great start for new exercisers who are looking to increase cardiovascular fitness. The classes are sociable, fun, and include a lot of direction from the instructor. This can be beneficial for new attendees who need help modifying an exercise or need guidance on proper form. Personal one-on-one training can also help with those needs if you prefer a smaller or private session.

Wearing a pedometer is also a great way to track your fitness. When you go to the store, park a little farther out that you normally do. Those few extra steps will add up into miles at the end of the day! Make a pledge to walk your dog or take a walk with your children or neighborhood friend. The average person should get in at least 10,000 steps per day for greatest cardiovascular health. The average person takes close to 2,000 in each mile covered. Those little extra walks and steps throughout the day really do add up and you do not even have to think about it throughout the day! Many fitness watches have a pedometer built into it. You can also attach a pedometer to your shoelaces. Simply becoming more aware of your steps is motivation to get moving!

Aerobic exercise, or cardio fitness, is the best type of exercise to help strengthen your heart.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) can be beneficial for the strength aspects as well as cardio. By taking a HIIT class you could burn more calories per class with the challenging, energetic workouts. Try a class near your and enjoy the benefits of HIIT training.

Getting your heart rate up helps build cardiovascular fitness and stamina. Making choices to have a healthier lifestyle and being more aware of your personal fitness will help you live life to the fullest.

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