Healthy Halloween Treats

Don’t get spooked this Halloween by the number of calories in your favorite Halloween treats! There are ways you can still enjoy the spirit and celebration of the holiday season without having to sacrifice taste while you maintain a healthy diet. Articles about health and wellness can be very resourceful when looking for healthy alternatives for Halloween treats.

When you think about the benefits to a healthy lifestyle, you often think about doing things in moderation. You know that it is okay to enjoy the foods that you like, by making modifications to them so that you can still enjoy your favorite foods and treats and not have to worry about getting too far off track with your diet and fitness goals. Healthy Halloween treats can be treated the same way. Make modifications to your favorite treats so you can still enjoy them without causing havoc on your diet plan.  Here are some ways you can make healthy Halloween treats:

1. Swap out popcorn balls for air popped popcorn! Most people like the crunch and texture of the popcorn balls. You can achieve that same crunch in texture by using air popped popcorn. Bag the popcorn into individual Halloween-themed bags to share with trick-or-treaters and friends. Blogs on nutrition use popcorn a lot for healthy snacks. You can make a variety of different snacks using the popcorn too.  Add nuts or dried fruit to make a variation of trail mix!

2. Pass out fresh oranges or clementine oranges! Individuals with careers in nutrition are always looking for creative ways to add more fresh fruits and vegetables to their client’s diet. Oranges are perfect to pass out since they don’t need to be individually wrapped and are easy to peel without tools. Offering a healthy snack can allow others to detox from the candy options that they will be offered from more traditional Halloween festivities.

3. Make your own snack mix! Use dried currants, cranberries, and raisins to add color and texture to your snack mix. You can use cereal, nuts, or popcorn for the crunch. Use yogurt or carob chips to add sweetness. Snack mixes can be varied easily and you can change it up each season to celebrate the flavors of each season. Sprinkle your snack mix with pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon and bag it up to share. You can even fill mason jars with your personalized snack mixes and distribute as gifts throughout the holiday season. Snack mixes make a perfect appreciation gift for teachers, co-workers, and friends.

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