Gym Managers-Lead the Way

Fitness professionals with physical training jobs understand the importance of health club safety for their clients as well each other. Becoming a gym manager requires studies in health club safety courses. The gym manager manages all of the trainers within the gym or health club and needs to make sure that all trainers have their up-to-date fitness certifications, CPR training like that offered by MyCPR NOW, and health club safety training. Your clients and gym members will be able to enjoy coming to your gym knowing that they are in a safe environment and have trainers that know how to train them properly and will know exactly what to do if anything should happen in an emergency situation.

Gym managers must oversee the workout equipment in addition to managing the personal trainers. Your personal training could negatively be affected by equipment that is not safe to use. Parts on exercise machines can wear out or get broken, increasing the risk of injury to gym members. Gym managers have to inspect the equipment often to make sure each piece passes inspection and is safe to use. Cleanliness of the facility is also part of the health club safety that gym managers oversee. Sweat can carry bacteria and after many gym goers workout each day and sweat on the equipment, it can create harmful bacteria that could make you sick or cause external skin rashes and irritation. Having a regular thorough cleaning of the equipment can help prevent the buildup of those harmful bacteria. Many health clubs will provide towels to their members so they can wipe sweat and minimize the amount of sweat on the machines and equipment. Many health clubs will also have sanitizing wet wipes around the gym as well so you can disinfect the equipment yourself before and after use. All of these are great safety precautions that gym managers can use to keep their health club safe and clean for their members. 

Maintaining the cleanliness of the health club allows the gym manager to be successful as their membership grows. All certifications for the personal trainers are also managed by the gym manager.  From the aerobic fitness specialist to the strength training specialist, health club safety is an important aspect of running a gym and retaining memberships. Following the protocols in the health club safety course can also help a gym manager grow their business and increase new gym memberships. Learn more about becoming a gym manager by clicking the link below. 

Health Club and Gym Manager Certification


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