Group Training: Bootcamp with Buddies

Group training can provide you with many benefits that you may miss out on when working out solo. Even when trainers have the best personal training certifications, going to group training or bootcamp with buddies adds an extra element of fun.

Personal training continuing education credits (CEC) can provide trainers with ideas to make group training fun and to keep routines fresh and on trend. A Group Exercise Instructor works hard to make sure each participant is engaged and challenged. Personal trainer study has also taught them how to make modifications on the moves so that each person can continue the routine together as a group.

One of the benefits of group training with buddies is the accountability. Individuals are more likely to not miss a class if they know their friends will be there waiting for them. Depending on each other holds each person accountable for getting in their workouts. Being with others who have similar goals also makes you more likely to succeed in obtaining your fitness goals.

Another benefit of group training with buddies is the friendly competition that comes from your inner circle of friends. You unknowingly push each other to be your best during fitness class. No one wants to appear weaker than the other so you push hard to be the leader or the strong one within the group. Some people have noted doing a second class just be better than the individuals who only completed one class. Without that friendly push, you might feel tempted to do only partial workouts or skip it completely.

Group training with friends also creates a bond within the group that is unique. Knowing you can depend on your friends to push through a difficult workout or challenging fitness goal transfers into other aspects of life. Those same friends you bonded with will be there to help you push through a difficult time in your life or a challenging bump in your career or relationship.   Working out with buddies not only increases physical health but can also provide beneficial perks to mental health and overall well-being too.

Try a bootcamp group training class with your buddies and enjoy the challenge, the fitness, the joy, and the comradery. Distance learning fitness classes also maintain databases of workouts so you can access group classes remotely to do with your friends. 

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Group Fitness Certification

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