Group Fitness and Cycling Instruction – A Winning Combo

New trainers are often left with the question of which personal training certification should I get. After you get certified in personal training, you will have the option to continue your studies to earn additional physical training certificates. For those who enjoy teaching high energy classes, group fitness and cycling instruction certifications are winning combos to blast calories and inspire others.

Group fitness and cycling instruction are just two of the many personal training certification programs you can complete. Trainers enjoy the job options they find when they research personal training career information. Group fitness certification allows them to teach any group fitness class. They learn how to do create a routine that helps the class flow from one move to the other. They also learn how to manage a large quantity of individuals and keep them moving and motivated to keep pushing themselves until the end of class. They are also able to demonstrate modifications to show groups how they can make the moves easier or harder based on their own personal fitness levels. This helps keep the class flowing, even if individuals are performing variations of the moves – they are still moving and exercising together.

Cycling instruction is one of the popular group fitness classes. Everyone get to cycle together and the high energy of the class keeps it going. Each bike can be individually adjusted and individually monitored to fit your specific needs. The environment is unique in the sense that no one is judged and you really can work at your own pace. There might be some new members who cycle slow but steady throughout the class as they build up their personal fitness level. You may have competitive athletes who use cycling class as a training ride. Regardless of where you fall within that spectrum, you are all doing the same movements together. The instructor can help guide you through the approved routine, but you are able to just cycle slowly if you need some interval breaks.

Having certifications in group fitness and cycling gives you a combo unparalleled to other trainers who have only a simple basic training certification.   Up your training skills with a new winning combo today!

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