Group Exercise - Run The Best Bootcamps!

Have you ever wanted to run a bootcamp fitness class? Trainers already have what it takes to be a personal trainer. You can use your Group Fitness & Bootcamp Instruction certification to be an exercise class instructor. There are many benefits to teaching a group class.

Bootcamp classes allow the instructor to utilize the fitness trainer information they learned to create and design a group class that all clients will be able to benefit from. Bootcamp classes use many different types of styles and exercises to keep the class fresh and different each time. Depending on the background of the instructor, they may favor certain styles over another. If you attend a boot camp styled class that you do not enjoy, try another one with a different instructor. They are all different!

Bootcamp fitness classes combine both strength training and cardio for a super high intensity training session. It scorches calories fast and helps to build strength and endurance. Group exercise trainers are familiar with modifications and can help assist you if any of the movements are too difficult or too easy. They also have a good base knowledge of anatomy and exercise physiology to give you alternate workout moves to target the same muscle groups, if you are recovering from an injury.

Clients love the high energy of bootcamp fitness classes. The instructor must bring a lot of positive energy to class to keep her clients motivated and moving. The classes are fun and should have a fun atmosphere, even though you are working hard. Group exercise instructors get to be the personal cheerleaders for all of their clients.

Another benefit to running a bootcamp class is the cost. You get to train a lot of people during that one hour. Instead of one-on-one, you may have twenty! Some trainers are salaried and some are part time and get paid per class that they teach. Other private studios may charge each student per class. Being able to see many clients at the same time is beneficial of time management and cost. You will need to pay extra attention to clients towards the back. The newer members usually stay towards the back. They may need more individual help with form or instruction. It is sometimes difficult to miss a person when the classes are very large. Paying attention to all of your clients ensures that they will plan to return and make recommendations to others. This special encouragement and help helps to make sure you run the best boot camp in town!

Group Fitness Certification

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