Golf Gym Exercises

Avid gold players can sometimes suffer from muscles weaknesses that can decrease the level of output in their game. This can lead to muscle imbalances and overuse injuries over time. Doing golf related gym exercises can help prevent imbalances and can also help prevent injuries. Golf related workouts can also help to create flexibility and mobility, giving you an upper advantage in your sport.

Golf core strength training can help your form by improving your posture. Having a strong core supports the abs and back lessening your chances for injury. Functional training type of core work such as planks and mountain climbers are great ways to strengthen your core and use different muscles than the traditional abdominal crunch. Balance work with exercise bands are also great ways to get in a good core workout. A strong core will also help you keep good form when you perform your swing.

Golf power exercises can also be performed to help improve your game. Kettlebell swings are great golf specific power moves that can help strengthen your swing. The kettlebell swing will also help build your core muscles when performed correctly. Kettlebell swings are very effective when performed correctly, but can cause injury if executed with poor form. If you are new to Kettlebells, contact a golf fitness coach to help demonstrate the move and to make sure you do it correctly. A golf fitness coach is also able to evaluate your form to see where your personal imbalances or weaknesses are so that a golf specific workout plan can be customized for you.

Many of the golf fitness exercises can be performed on a variety of gym equipment and can be modified for your individual needs. If your local gym or health club does not have a golf fitness coach, a personal trainer can also help you. Many coaches are able to coach online too and these online coaches are able to create custom training plans that you can do at the gym on your own.

Golf gym exercises are exercises that are specific to the sport of golf to help improve your game. Performing these golf specific exercises not only strengthens your skill in your sport, but they help to prevent overuse injury as well. Contact a golf fitness coach near you and find out how you can benefit and strengthen your game.

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