Golf Fitness Certification

Golf Fitness Certification
Become a Golf Fitness Specialist

Becoming a Golf Fitness Specialist is a great way to enjoy your favorite sport and help your colleagues and clients improve their performance! If you are a qualified fitness professional who is ready to expand his/her knowledge by specializing in golf - then, ASFA has just the qualification for you! 

Many golf instructors are lacking in the knowledge needed to help assist their clients' with correct workouts.  Did you know that working out incorrectly can actually hurt your client's game.  Just because a client knows how to workout for weigh training does not mean that he/she can design a routine for golf-specific performance.  As a Golf Fitness Specialist, you will teach your clients how to workout to best optimize their game.  You will learn about safety and performance considerations that should optimize your client's game on the green!  

For more information about becoming a Golf Fitness Instructor, just click the link below!
Golf Fitness Certification

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