Getting More Personal Training Clients – Selling Fitness

Certified personal training classes not only allow you to train clients, but to sell fitness, too. Fitness and health are big topics, especially for individuals as we age. We realize the connection between fitness and having a healthy lifestyle and its deep influence on our own personal health. The more active and healthy we are, the less chronic and preventable diseases we will have. The gift of fitness is more than just being fit. It is being healthy for life.

Selling fitness might require a handful of different certifications depending on your areas of interest and employment. Physical fitness certification is great for working with kids in schools. You get to teach them the fundamentals of having a healthier lifestyle and hopefully inspire them to lead a life of fitness and good health. The foundations of health that kids learn in schools have a heavy influence on what their fitness levels and health will look like in their adult years. Students that are active in sports and who eat healthy continue to have an active lifestyle in their adult years and continue eating a healthy diet. Students with poor diets and low activity levels unfortunately take those habits with them into their adult years and put themselves at a higher risk for chronic illnesses and higher disposition for preventable diseases such as obesity induced high blood pressure and diabetes. Having a fitness trainer certification in the schools sells fitness and good health at an age that truly has a lot of influence.

A certified personal trainer (CPT) can also have a strength trainer certification to help increase lean muscle tissue and protect against osteoporosis and joint/ligament damage. Functional fitness training plays a big role in strengthening your everyday form and fitness. It can help keep you free of injury and pain. It can help you perform your everyday tasks better. It can also help you perform sports better by strengthening core.

Personal training is more than simply working out. You are working out with a purpose and selling fitness to better the lives of others. Get more personal with a certification in personal training.

Personal Training Certification

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